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Resource Roundup 9.10.21

Good Evening!
Thanks for visiting this weeks Resource Roundup.
Do you have a hyper cat? A night crusader kitty that doesn’t know when to stop? This article may help:
Veterinarians debunk 15 dog myths:
Veterinarians Debunk 15 Dog Myths
Make sure your car ride is safe for your pet too!
We are working diligently to keep our community food pantries stocked, if you or someone you know is in need of cat/dog food they are available at these locations:
Rifle Animal Shelter now has a Chewy.com Wish List!! You can click the link below to check it out. We are so excited to be a part of chewy.
Thank you all for your time and consideration! We appreciate the outpour of support that we have continued to receive this year despite everything going on around all of us. THANK YOU!!
We will see you next Friday for another, Resource Roundup!
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