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Leave Your Mark on the Missions You Love

A large part of what it means to be human is directly related to how each of us see our legacy. For some it’s as simple as passing down family recipes or giving the same name through multiple generations. For others it’s bigger, think of a statue or a national holiday. Regardless of your financial situation or social status, you will leave pieces of yourself behind. Each person who loves you will contribute to your legacy every time they speak your name. Thinking about death is scary. Comfort is found in the known. Planned giving is a way to leave your mark on the missions you love and support.  

Planned giving is the process of arranging gifts now that will be allocated at a future date. Planned gifts are commonly left through a will or trust and granted once a donor passes away. It can be difficult to think about dying and all of the logistics that surround it, but using planned gifts as an opportunity that allows you to further strengthen your impact and create a long-lasting legacy may help ease some of the anxiety surrounding death. When we know what is coming, it often eases the way we feel about situations that are beyond our control. 

By including Journey Home Animal Care Center in your estate plans, you can ensure that your values and commitment to animal welfare will continue to make a difference for generations to come.

When you choose to set up a planned gift, you are choosing to contribute to the long-term financial stability of Journey Home. Planned gifts, similar to Humane Heroes, provide the much needed resources that make our work possible. These gifts also allow us to expand our community outreach and continue to grow as a community resource. The main benefits to you as a planned giver are a sizable tax break and the ability to determine exactly how your gift will be used.

Yes, planned gifts have a major impact on our nonprofit’s ability to further our mission, but they are also a way that donors like you can leave a lasting legacy. If you’re reading this, your commitment to helping homeless animals is already unwavering. You likely donate to Journey Home, and may volunteer with us as well. Planned giving is another stone in the foundation that is building your life-long legacy. We cannot control life after death and I truly believe that is why it’s an uncomfortable topic for most. But, we can control some of the stories that will be told about us once we’re gone. We can control what we’re remembered for, what we’re known for. We can control the permanent footprints we leave on this earth.  

Including Journey Home in your plans will hopefully give you a sense of purpose and comfort in knowing that your passion for animal welfare will truly make a difference even after you are gone. Planned gifts are an extension of the support you are giving now and a powerful way to help the future of the shelter. When you include Journey Home in your will, you’re leaving a legacy that reflects your values and that statement will always be there for your family and friends, a special way for them to continue to have a connection with you.   

Some popular planned giving options include:

  1. Bequests
    When you designate Journey Home as a beneficiary in your will or living trust, it allows you to allocate a specific amount or percentage of your estate to support our mission. 
  2. Life Insurance Policies
    When you name Journey Home as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy, you turn a modest investment into a significant gift. 
  3. Retirement Plans
    When you list Journey Home as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k), or other retirement plan, which also has the potential to provide tax benefits to your estate. 

We are always here to answer questions about planned giving, but also recommend discussing this as an option with your financial or legal advisor. There are a plethora of ways to leave a planned gift and it’s important that you find the approach that best fits your unique circumstances. You can also visit the Planned Giving page to gain a little more insight into your options.  

We are and will be forever grateful for your unwavering support of Journey Home’s mission to strengthen the animal human bond through compassion and education. Your legacy of giving will inspire long beyond your lifetime and make a lasting impact on the lives of the animals we serve. 

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