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The Journey Home Animal Care Center is a limited-admission shelter that accepts animals as space permits. Please be aware that the estimated time for us to take your animal is 2 weeks and can be longer for cats due to our limited space. If your animal is altered and current on vaccines, we are happy to do a courtesy posting on Petfinder, our website and Facebook page. We will post pictures of you animal with your contact information. This allows the animal to go directly from your home into its new home.

When you come to the shelter to surrender your pet, please plan to take up to 20-30 minutes. We will have you fill out an information sheet about each animal. The Journey Home Animal Care Center is a nonprofit organization that relies on donations and other community support to carry out our work. It costs us an average of $300 to care for each animal during his or her stay with us for veterinary care, food and boarding. We request a surrender fee of $75 per pet. If you can make an additional donation of any amount it would be greatly appreciated and will help us to care for the hundreds of animals we receive each year.

Please call (970) 625-8808 to discuss surrendering your pet or for more information. In the case of an emergency, we will make every effort to admit the animal immediately. The owner releasing the animal must be at least 18 years of age and provide a driver’s license or other photo identification. If you have veterinary records for the pet, please bring them with you.

Many unwanted behaviors can be corrected, enabling pets to successfully remain in the family. Please call us if you would like information about training or other solutions for keeping your pet. We will be happy to assist or refer you to others who can help. We can also help through tough times with food and some medical care. We want pets to stay with their families if at all possible.

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What you need to know.
If you drop off an animal, you will be asked many questions about the animal’s history and temperament. You also will be required to sign a form that legally transfers ownership of the animal to the shelter. Even if you are bringing in a lost pet, you will be asked to sign the form. In that case you are a “representative of the owner” until the owner can be found.