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Walk with Me volunteers make a dog’s day by taking them for a walk! We have halters that make walking the dogs easy and fun. This is a great volunteer to position to do with a friend. We can usually send out dogs in pairs so you can walk together. We ask that you take the dogs for at least a 20 minute walk. We would appreciate you scheduling your walking times and sticking to them the best you can so we can count on your help. We would love to have Walk with Me volunteers in the mornings, at lunch and in the afternoons. Walkers must be at least 16 years old to walk alone. Although, we are happy to have families that want to come walk together.
Shelter Helper volunteers assist at the shelter with socializing the shelter pets and by helping with a variety of chores and tasks. They help us clean-up after the shelter pets throughout the day. They also help do laundry and clean the inside and outside of the shelter as needed. Making dog treats or playing with the animals is also part, or all, of this position. Shelter Helpers may also assist with paperwork and other needed tasks as they come up. Let us know what your skills or interests are, and will find you a way to help! Shelter Helpers must be at least 15 years old to help. Assist the kennel staff with cleaning kennel areas and feeding animals available for adoption. This is the most important volunteer position that we have. Helpers must be 15 years old to help alone. Hours are seven days a week, 8:00 – 10:30 a.m. Ready, Set Go volunteers are some of the most needed volunteers and allow us to get the day off to a quick start. The sooner we get the morning chores done, the more time we get to spend with the animals and making plans to help even more animals. Please help!

Provide temporary home care for animals. Journey Home Animal Care Center will provide food and medical supplies.

We frequently need help at events and count on our Shelter Ambassadors. Shelter Ambassadors help at a variety of events including fund raisers, farmers markets and adoption events. Shelter Ambassadors need to be knowledgeable about shelter programs and the adoption process. Most of these events are on the weekend or in the evening. The ability to haul tables is helpful as well as room to transport pets to and from adoption events. The commitment for Shelter Ambassadors varies greatly. Please let us know what your schedule and preference is, and we will find you a way to help!
We are very fortunate to be able assist surrounding shelters when they need our help to save lives. We often need people willing to transport dogs and cats from all over Colorado and eastern Utah to Rifle. We also frequently transport cats to Petco in Glenwood to be adopted by the Petco staff. On occasion, we also transfer our pets to breed rescues or rescues that are better equipped to help the pet with the conditions or issues they have. We also occasionally have pets that need to be transported for medical reasons to a specialist. If you are willing to transport pets from time to time, please let us know where you are willing to drive and we add you to our list to call. Please let us know if there is a size or an amount limit on pets you can transfer.

Assist with gardening, landscaping, painting, carpentry, plumbing and electrical projects at Journey Home Animal Care Center. There is also something that needs fixed or could look better. Call or stop by and we will let you know what it is we need help with. We welcome community service groups who are looking to do a day of service.

Assist with taking photos and/or videos of special events, Journey Home Animal Care Center activities and animals. If you have video editing skills, we need your help!

Community Service & TANF
Our service workers are those who have community service hours to work off. This involves the general cleaning of our facility as a whole. We have service work listed to stay involved & busy the entire time. We are happy to offer this service to our community.
Cat room volunteers are just as it sounds – located in our cat room. This is the area that you are required to stay in. Cat volunteers either assist in morning cleanings or do enrichment activities in the afternoon.

Kitchen staff volunteers are there to support to the overall functioning of our shelter day-to-day. You are centered in our kitchen/laundry room area to assist in both dog & cat bowl dishes, litter box cleanings, as well as washing, drying, folding, and storing laundry.

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