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Why should you spay/neuter your pets? To keep your pets safe, happy, and healthy! This procedure helps prevent certain cancers and avoids the high cost of caring for litters. It can help prevent bad behavior like running away from home to look for a mate, marking or spraying indoors and some aggression issues. Altering your pet also helps prevent pet overpopulation due to unwanted litters. The recommended age for spay and neutering is 2-6 months of age. Female animals should be spayed before their first heat (estrus cycle). They do not need to have a litter before spaying.

Benefits of Spay/Neuter Surgery

Prevents male dogs from developing prostate problems or testicular cancer.

Neutered dogs are less likely to urinate (mark) in the house.

Altered dogs have fewer behavior issues.

Spaying reduces the risk of a female dog or cat suffering from mammary tumors and uterine cancer.

Altered cats are less likely to spray.

Spaying and neutering saves lives by preventing unwanted litters and homeless animals.

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Rifle Animal Shelter offers low-cost spay/neuter of owned dogs and cats at our facility.

Dog Spays over 30 lbs $150

under 30 lbs $120

Dog Neuters over 30 lbs $110

under 30 lbs $90

Cat Spays $75

Cat Neuters $50

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